Monday, July 09, 2007

Couture - Autumn/Winter 2007-2008

Since the last round of shows, I've had a baby. For the next few seasons, I can only imagine that I'll be delayed or completely incomplete in coverage.

Anne Valerie Hash - I've never really been a fan, but this collection looks just right. It's elegant and posh and a little too to be mistaken for RTW. Gathered shoulder seams and full sleeves, plunging necklines that maintain their class, jewel-tone satins, and sexy le smokings.

Chanel - Oh so right. Sexy, futuristic, sleek - which seems very un-Chanel, yet still pretty and luxurious and fantastic. Lagerfeld is always a surprise and the more I learn about him, the more he inspires. Feathers, fringe, gemstone beading, tight-fitting hoods, there's something very romantic to all the details, but the pieces themselves are so body-conscious and streamlined.

Christian Dior - Full-skirted fantasy, purely Couture. I dream less about having these clothes and more about having the life that would require something so beautiful and special.

Christian Lacroix - Bejewelled and beruffled form-fitting gowns. Mysterious romanticism, acidy colors, slightly toned down styles, but not lacking in opulence.

Elie Saab - Pretty pretty dresses, elegant but not stiff draping. The shorter styles are definitely best, with the longer a little cliched.

Giorgio Armani Prive - Beauuuuuutiful skirts, but not so Couture-y.

Givenchy - While troubled by the garish yak and leopard costumes (a leopard hat! yipes!), I found the Mad Max-ian trousers and straps and drapes to be quite fetching.

Jean Paul Gaultier - A futruristic, royal military with strange little hair-covered wire crowns. Sexy hard shoulders, skinny trousers, and corset dresses. Not a bit flirty, but completely sexed up.

Roland Mouret - While lacking in the showmanship and fantasy of Couture, some pretty dresses that I cant ignore.

Valentino - Pretty suits and elegant cocktail dresses, though a slightly older demographic than I was prepared for. A tad disappointing, what with all the Valentino hype at the moment. The final gown is gorge, however.