Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 London, Milan, Paris

Got sidetracked!

Alexander McQueen- gothic, rich, fantasy. Just absolute luxury, but with the strangest, most interesting proportions. I find the image of the designer, Sarah Burton, utterly charming with an actual pin cushion on her arm. 

Chanel - I no longer find anything redeeming in Chanel. This is the one bright spot in an utterly uncharming show. 

Giambattista Valli- such romance. Three dimensional rosettes and breathtaking rose prints. I can almost smell them.

Stella McCartney- reminding me of Donna Karan sensuality, comfort. The sweater dresses are obscene in richness and unadulterated coziness. The rope dresses are almost obscene - feel like I might be seeing private areas - but are new and interesting.

Celine- he really don't die over Celine - can be a bit too Plain Jane - but this feels like modern New Look. Lucy Ricardo could easily wear any of this. I love it.

Dior - and now for actual, modern Dior. Easily identifiable, yet very new and never before seen. Love the layered dresses, quilting, volume. Love the slightly random sparkly over dress. Would wear that all the time over anyyyyyyyything.

Balmain - dark, edgy, sexy, full of incredible layers and textures. Modern Claude Montana. Oh these leathers, man.

Saint Laurent - yes, all day, every day. Maybe a bit younger, but I can't hate sparkles and plaid and black tights - all that I hold sacred in the world.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 New York

The only thing I hate about this collection is that it cant be purchased now. These yummy wool coats with big, cozy collars, and tightly belted waists are what I want to put on right this second. The counter-intuitive bare backed dresses are beautiful, but not really practical, though you know it hurts my heart to not champion an apron-aesthetic. The dove grey suiting, with pink and orange accents reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez.

While not all the print combinations are winners and there are a few examples of my prime directive (beware of clothing that makes a runway model look fat or dumpy), I cant escape how happy the models are, how sunny and wacky the prints are.

The colors are so perfectly fall, the fabric so perfectly draped - this reminds me a lot of Donna Karan, but updated with a bit more embellishments. I particularly like how the fronts are so conservative and the back is so elegant and sexy. 

Beware giant hips on runway models, but take note the butterscotch leathers and 70s orange florals.


I cant decide if this draping and knotting and patchworking makes any sense at all. I'm not sure how flattering any of this would be with actual breasts and hips. But I do know I love this deep red.

I would like to wear this every single day. I am totally obsessed with this hair and makeup and HER THIGHS.

I would forget the fluffy fur collars, but the delicate printed satin blouses and dresses and almost gogo boots are so twee, but in a good way.

Love the sleeves and silhouette. It's tough and cool and sexy (but not in an obvious Leger sort of way). 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Harper's Bazaar Dec 2013/Jan 2014

I'm hardly a Kate Hudson fan, but the gorgeous cover had me excited. Is it telling how embarrassingly short her interview is? Maybe not a lot going on in that gorgeous head? Certainly not a single quote even worth the ink. Thankfully, the Murakami interview is much longer (with more photos?).

Murakami and In N Out

Clogs! I have been dreaming of them for a few years, but can never seem to pull the trigger. These Chloe ones are the perfect shade, but I think I would prefer a mushroom suede with maybe no studs?

It's a nice pink, but my first thought was Beadazzled Gunshot Wound.

Oh, Victoria Beckham, everything I own for that Tuxedo/Cape!

Will write more soon. Life has been a little upside down - ripping apart a new house, picking out tile, paints, cabinets. I'll share some of that soon too.