Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 7

Junya Watanabe - Nice plaid tweeds used in an almost Betsy Johnson whimsical way.

The skirts are freaking me out a bit, as I've been dreaming about a mini-blind sort of attachment to a skirt for several years now - changing the length and style of the hem as you please.

Kenzo - Did I really complain earlier about a lack of color? In between the almost-day-glo 70s swinging hostess, there are some nice finds. I can see Maria in most of these, actually.

Lanvin - Couldnt ask for more elegance and not in a costumey way. These clothes would do nothing for a bland girl, but can take a fabulous girl to the next level. On a bland girl, you'd see none of the detail - just a black dress.

Louis Vuitton - Just gorgeous. Modern suits with a 60s feel, elegant skirts dresses with an Eastern European vibe. Perhaps a tad somber, but hard to criticize.

Martin Grant - So pretty! Not at all boring, just nice.

Lovely use of color and satin.

Valentino - Mysterious, sexy...variations on a tuxedo.

True glamour, true innovation.

Yves Saint Laurent - An uptight European secretary...is this sexy? Maybe? Not that it has to be, of course. It's just such a departure from the Tom Ford years. I think this is more conservatively eccentric, subversively sexy, more YSL.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 6

Chloe - Standard Chloe: kinda sexy, kinda dowdy...basically your mom in 1972.

Comme des Garcons - Scary ass ghost brides are even scarier in victorian laces and unmatched suits. I know I should understand this, but I dont. The coats and bell-sleeved dresses will probably nice once they hit the stores.

Collette Dinnigan - So pretty. The sweetest laces on 40s dresses and vintage slips.

Sloppy suits and loose dresses keep things from being too perfect.

John Galliano - Tough Marlene Dietrich, though maybe slightly more Francais.

Modern minis (thank god) to keep me happy:

I like them especially when theyre not used to be S-E-X-Y. Gorgeous coats that I would never remove:

Hermes - Terrible hats, luxe suits, the to-die-for accessories. Simple clothes from the label the epitomizes you-can-only-dream-of.

Maybe just this side of early 80s Ralph Lauren. Scary.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 4 and 5

Akris - Serious clothing doesnt have to be bland. Perfect office clothes, with none of the sugar-sweet ladylike look of late.

A nod to 70s swing, with some interesting sleeve proportions:

Alexander McQueen - All manners of the 50s screen queen, Grace Kelly to Brigitte Bardot. Modernized Hitchcockian suits to sexy sexy hair and vavavoom dresses. My only criticism would be perhaps a little too costumey? The suits and gowns are classic McQueen however - sleek, modern, crazy.

Ann Demuelemeester - A little bad 80s romantic. Possibly a Cinderella video (was that their name? the band?).

Cacharel - Fabulous prints on nice dresses.

Celine - Less jetset, more prettiness.

But nothing really new.

Chanel - A lot 80s, a little ski bunny, tweed golf pants, legging/legwarmers, a lot disappointed. The hair is making me think I'm viewing a collection circa 1999. I am digging the bows above the knees though. Add more ribbons to the shopping list.

Christian Lacroix - Rich widow - possibly mad or just plain eccentric, fantastic hair.

Big entrance-making gowns.

Hussein Chalayan - Dark, bad lighting, nice coats, interesting beading and feathers?

Nina Ricci - Light, gorgeous, definition of the word floaty. Clothing for an intelligent girl, a cultured girl.

Ooooh, and ribbons above the elbows.

Start to finish, amazing.

Paco Rabanne - So modern, so simple. A little random, but still very nice and very confident.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 3

Dries Van Noten - Weird, random, Victorian attic finds that are strangely modern (or maybe just Asian).

Bright bathrobe jackets, sashes, dead flowers, and the random hot pinks...it's all sooooo cooooooool.

Emanuel Ungaro - More modern Japanese, by way of Audrey Hepburn. Actually, it reminds me of this dvd we have: Branded to Kill - not that these are costumey, theyre just plain cool.

Lagerfeld - Grecian, laid-back, sexy...maybe a tad bullfighter-esque. Sharp.

Loewe - A Spanish Michael Kors. Rich, sexy.

Those shoes!

Rochas - I'm wondering why we bothered looking at the other cities. Today alone, the most gorgeous clothes, most forward, most inspiring...the best. Now, Rochas. So romantic, so edgy, so expensive, so timeless. The closest to perfection I've ever seen.

Again, some obis. You know what to do for Fall. I want satin boots too!

Stella McCartney - A surprisingly well-executed collection. I picture Uma Thurman in all of these, which is not a bad person to emulate. (Have you seen her Louis Vuitton ads??)

Veronique Branquinho - Too dark! I cant see anything!

Viktor & Rolf - Dear god, is that Tori Amos?? Ok, I'll try to soldier on. The place to go for fantastic white blouses. I wish I could own them...they just never stay white with me. I'm a very dirty girl.

Ooooh! And suits and jackets!

I always loved their concepts more than their actual clothes, but this season, I'm in love. In love with this entire day of shows.