Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 2

Christian Dior - S'more Frankie and Annette Villian Girl. Hrmm. A few fierce jackets, but I feel like we just saw this a few weeks ago at the couture show. And I didnt get excited about it then, and now with the addition bell-shaped minis and overalls?? I do like mini-dresses/blouses over pants.

Though it all seems a bit random...I'm not seeing the overall (har) theme.

Costume National - A little too...costumey. Particularly from a 1972 Russian Espionage movie.

Issey Miyake - Paris is seeming very boring. I guess I'm not in a minimalist/deconstructionist mood.

Jean Paul Gaultier - I will spend tonight dreaming only of metallic disco pants.

Something so wrong has never looked so right. Slouchy, sexy jackets over tight little sheath dresses put me in a clubbing mood. And then one perfectly glam-punk dress to ensure my total desire.

Rick Owens - This show is why you have to remember to keep an open mind with fashion. I am always so bored and so clueless as to why he is such a favored designer, but this collection is oh so stylish. (Of course, still no theatrics, but I'll let it slide). It seems very Japanese to me. Extra-long sleeves and padded jackets are very extreme, but would also be very comfortable and flattering.

I could totally do without all the stupid men's stuff. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN FASHION WEEK!!

Sophia Kokosalaki - First of all, loooooove the runway, lighting, hair, and makeup. Second, the fabrics (like Rick Owens) look absolutely comfortable. Third, there is so much personality on such simple, neutral pieces.

The jersey dresses are so exquisitely tailored and do not fall in the cliche category.

Undercover - Hrmmm. Deconstructed gangster suits and hodgepodge dresses. Apparently a waist is not part of the silhouette theyre selling. I dont think anything is very flattering and doesnt seem like a lot of skill went into the making or designing. But who doesnt love three dueling marching bands to close a show? What the hell.

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