Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 7

Junya Watanabe - Nice plaid tweeds used in an almost Betsy Johnson whimsical way.

The skirts are freaking me out a bit, as I've been dreaming about a mini-blind sort of attachment to a skirt for several years now - changing the length and style of the hem as you please.

Kenzo - Did I really complain earlier about a lack of color? In between the almost-day-glo 70s swinging hostess, there are some nice finds. I can see Maria in most of these, actually.

Lanvin - Couldnt ask for more elegance and not in a costumey way. These clothes would do nothing for a bland girl, but can take a fabulous girl to the next level. On a bland girl, you'd see none of the detail - just a black dress.

Louis Vuitton - Just gorgeous. Modern suits with a 60s feel, elegant skirts dresses with an Eastern European vibe. Perhaps a tad somber, but hard to criticize.

Martin Grant - So pretty! Not at all boring, just nice.

Lovely use of color and satin.

Valentino - Mysterious, sexy...variations on a tuxedo.

True glamour, true innovation.

Yves Saint Laurent - An uptight European secretary...is this sexy? Maybe? Not that it has to be, of course. It's just such a departure from the Tom Ford years. I think this is more conservatively eccentric, subversively sexy, more YSL.

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