Friday, April 29, 2005

Shopping Spree Fantasy

I tried to resist for sooooooo long, but I think I might kill myself if I cant obtain a pair of the Adidas 35th Anniversary shoes. It's funny, my friend Vivian's boyfriend owns a sneaker store in Long Beach (and hopefully in Tokyo soon) and I am always amazed at the lengths they would go to for pairs and the prices people are willing to pay. And now I've caught the lust, though luckily not the spare funds to purchase.

I'm also dreaming of a pair of ridiculously expensive jeans. I've always been a hardcore Levi's girl, but the hyper-flattering call of Joe's and Rock & Republic is just too hard to ignore. Who knows where all this label whoring is coming from. I just havent bought anything fun and anything for just fun - that isnt house-related - in so long.

I miss being fashionably dressed.

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