Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ahh, the 20th anniversary of Exile in Guyville. To this day, I am never tired of this entire album. Start to finish, there is not an album that encapsulates all the fuckups and sadness and insecurity hiding behind toughness of a twenty something girl. But it's not all nostalgia, it's just a fucking good album, so smart, so cool, just perfect. Go listen.

While we're talking about music that defines me, let's talk about The Muffs. Oh, The Muffs, how I love this band. It's the dirty, silly, angry, diy­ness that I need. Like a good dive bar, a cigarette on a cold night, a pipe in a Soho alley, it's the grittiness that I'm attracted to. I would love to be a posh girl, a sophisticated Betty Draper, but I know I'm not and when I've tried in the past ­to blend into a preppier crew, I feel exposed. Like a big old faker. No matter where you go to school, how much money you make, you cant leave your past very far behind. It's like a shadow. Try as you might, you cant detach from it. You can stand in a way to make it blend in with other shadows or obscure it with other walls and barriers, but it's still there. Eventually you will move into the light and everyone can see it. Oh and can we just discuss the beauty of a two-minute song?

If you need to know just a single fact about me, just know that I adore Morrissey. I have seen him more times than I can count and will continue to, as long as he tours. I love that man with all my heart, since the age of eight. I can't imagine a time when his music and words have not been exactly what I needed to hear.

And in light of being in Texas during such a landmark showing of an elected official actually giving a shit about her constituents, protecting the rights of women in her state, and shining a light on the misogyny and aggression that women everywhere still face (as well as the fucking miscarriage of justice that is happening in our legislative branch, likely on every level), I want to share with you a perfect little song by an amazing trio that put out two albums and promptly fell off the planet.  Oh, Digable Planets, you are the most frustrating show I have ever attended, but I will never stop listening to you and dreaming about a Hip Hop that had more of you (and Tribe and Talib and de la and and...).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Louis Vuitton Resort 2014

Vindication! I love when I'm struck with a wild hair for a certain accessory or item of clothing, spend months debating whether I can pull off said item, even more months trying to track down the exact item in my vision, only to find a designer I adore with the exact same vision. It makes me feel like I'm at least keeping up. I'm not like on Mercury while the rest of the fashion world is (sanely) walking away from the sun.

 The item in question? CLOGS. Can we do this? Marc Jacobs says yes and I tend to pay attention to him.
I had been dreaming of this sleek pair a friend in my freshman dorm wore. They were from JCrew (sadly no longer available) and in the most perfect beige/grey neutral leather. At the time they were and in my mind's eye they currently are perfection. I had been trying to convince myself these are good enough, or these pricier ones, but now I feel I should hold out. Perhaps MJ will encourage a JCrew reissue. I will begin praying. 
Back to clothes - I CAN BARELY SEE THEM WITH ALL OF THIS FOOT EXCITEMENT - this is just lovely, wearable, pretty, classic stuff right here. If you have Sophia Coppola as a style icon, them of course you look here anyway, but this collection particularly feels poached from her closet. A touch of vintage Chanel in the nubby tweeds, the fuller yet tailored cuts, the simple girlishness - a girl not looking to be sexy or untouchable or ladylike. This is a girl who can get caught in the rain, clomp across town without complaining too much, and definitely out coool you.

This jacket, though, feels all me all day.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Alexander McQueen Resort 2014

It's a late June Miracle - or perhaps a miracle of not reading a show schedule - as the photos for McQueen Resort just popped up on my radar today. Complain and we shall receive, something like that, no?

I like labels that give us a real resort feel, so that I can pretend it is an actual way to dress for an actual season or occasion for my life. Let's call it Summer. No, not Spring-Summer. Just Summer, totally different! (And, no, I will not stop with the faux confusion about Resort).

Here we have a pale, neutral palette for short, full skirts and Huck Finn cutoff jeans. I am going to ignore the bare shoulders caused by the dreaded sleeveless-dropped shoulder combo a la my 8th Grade Homecoming dress by Jessica McClintock. No. Can't see them. Lalala.

 (Amirite ???)

I *dream* of a reason to need this. Is it too fancy for an August wedding in Pittsburgh? Pretty please?

(Ok, have to apologize for the innate shittiness of posting to Blogger via iPad. There is no image manipulation to be had and I'm jumping through actual hoops and THREE different apps to even GET the image in the first place. Things will get better next week. Let us pray for on many, many, many personal and professional levels. Please just click here to view all looks.)

I'm digging the petticoats, little apron/overall dresses (god, i love an apron), and the macramé patchwork. This feels like a sweaty summer night, maintaining a level of chicness, but keeping comfort. Notice those sandals, uneven scissoring on the pants - no office wear here, purely weekend wear or on some desert retreat - involving either a detox that wont stick or a regrettable bender.  Whatever fantasy you prefer. 

In no way could my style be bohemian or hippy, but I'm feeling these perforated cottons, belted waists, carefree colors. This just looks easy and dreamy -- fantasy that's not fantastical.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Deep Dark Posh Secret

I have to admit a private little obsession with Victoria Beckham.

(Image via NYMag)

I first spotted her where we all did, on MTV with our jaws hanging open, trying to decide if we were being punk'd (if that show had existed then).

(Image via Wikipedia)

She was the moderately pretty, slightly bland in comparison, seemingly embarrassed one in back. She always appeared either less committed or less confident with her role as a singer. Eventually, of course, their camp and cheese and utter inoffensiveness won me over. They were catchy, dammit! In spite of a period of time where the whole Posh and Becks hysteria felt like the end of days, Posh even went on to make one of my favorite dance songs (and videos). Even then, though, you could always see her discomfort.

Fast forward to her career as a fashion designer, and I cant help but be amazed and happy for her success - legitimate fashion success, not celebrity fashion line success, mind you. I've spent the last few years feeling like a bit of a fraud - this appears to be a common ailment among educated women and a poll of my circle finds this to be surprisingly accurate. I find her apparent insecurities very charming and her success, confidence, and excitement for what should have been her passion from the start so very charming.

I think maybe we all kind of fall into a career. Regardless of whether we find success in it, that role may not be what will make us feel happy or fulfilled or even play to our strengths (hence the fraud feelings). Maybe we have to go through this to figure out where we should be or even to find some confidence. I'm currently attempting a career change and while it doesn't excite me the way fashion does, I'm hoping my self-defeating tendencies can finally be brushed aside.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

Sorry for a delay in dispatches. Currently busy with overeating in Texas and Magnum PI reruns - important stuff.

Off topic, quick question: can we pull off a romper if we are over 22? Not strapless terry cloth, maybe sleeveless, a little lace, silk?

Ok, back to business. Today we will go back in time to Resort 2013, because in theory, it's what we should be wanting and wearing now, right? Also, have been recently poring over old McQueen genius and realized that we did not get any McQueen resort this season. Plus, I need a suit. Ahhhhhh, suits. Wiiiiide bell bottom trousers (super skinny in the thigh), jackets with wide lapels and slightly oversized, tweaked, razor-sharp shoulders.  This seems very David Bowie to me, everything so fluid (in some cases liquid metallics), sexy, a little space disco princess. The giant metal finished obis (some so large to almost qualify as a corset) are definitely on my wishlist and a fun project for updating an existing pants suit or even a simple shift.

I am opposed to reptile skins (not for moral reasons, only for ick), but I cannot deny the amazing ness of this patch working. I cannot believe I have been made to drool over *patchwork* and some sort of disgusting creature's *skin* (triple ick).

On topic, quick question: can we wear a patchwork liquid silver bell bottom pantsuit to an interview?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stella McCartney Resort 2014

It's difficult for me to view Stella McCartney shows without bias, because I love her father so very very much.  Her childhood stories always seem amazing and surprisingly down-to-earth, so I find her look to be nothing but the coolest girl I have ever known.  If I'm honest, though, I sometimes feel her designs are a little too simple, maybe a little lazy. This is how I felt for the first half of the show, but then I gave into the lips. These dresses are simple, flattering, quietly quirky.  I have no idea where this red knotted dress fits in, but it's so gorgeous, I can imagine it would have been difficult to edit it out of the collection.

(pictures via

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Christian Dior Resort 2014

I am thoroughly impressed by Raf Simons. I have always loved John Galliano (his designs at least) and his theatrical modern-vintage style is so very Dior to me now. Raf Simons has managed to take that same spirit to an entirely different level. The same level of sophistication and fun and madness, but with his own signature. Galliano would be a terribly difficult act to follow, and I feel he has performed marvelously.

This resort collection is less fantasy and more just completely wearable and desirable.  Sexy crop tops, cool  trousers - wide-legged or stovepipe (I cant shut up about the trousers right now, man), housedresses and coats with the right amount of Modern I Love Lucy, a little bit of an 80s vibe in the prints, laces, and color combos.

With the choker, this is delightfully 1996.I want this in every color and fabric.

(pictures via

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chloe Resort 2014

I'm already so behind! Resort has just been passing us by! Each day, we sit and find the end of the internet, forgetting there's this whole made-up season full of amazing clothes over which we will soon be drooling.

People love the Chloe. I enjoy the Chloe. It looks comfortable. I like having the option for not-overtly-sexy and not-overly-twee. Dont we all want luxury shower shoes and sleeveless trenchcoats (why? why the sleeveless trenchcoat trend and why wont it die?  what weather pattern would require you to wear a sleeveless trench?)?  Ignoring these annoyances (oh! and the trousers with bi-colored legs!), I am craving the wide-legged trousers, and that hair (short, long, I cant decide).  I wish there was more of the ruffles and bows on an otherwise simple long-sleeved shift. A good long-sleeved dress is very hard to find, surprisingly. This collection is heavy on basics, with I think only the wide legged/tapered crop trousers standing out to me as completely unwearable.
So good, if it had sleeves and made sense!
Again, could be so good!
Modern Belle de Jour.
So good. Navy (color and style) looks so fresh. 
(pictures via

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Personally, I find "hat" to be an incredibly hilarious word. Hat. Haaaat.

Anyway, that's not my point. My point is that you should buy one and wear it.  It's really hard at first, as not many people wear hats. You will feel very obvious and maybe like you have a giant squirrel perched on your noggin, judging by the way people will look at it while talking to you or passing by you.  But really it's because you look totally great and they are trying to figure out how to incorporate a hat into their bag of accessory tricks.

Just like trying out a different hairstyle, not every day is a winner.  And that's ok. Carrying off a hat requires confidence that you dont even know you have, but once you have it, you will find yourself aching to stretch even further out of your comfort zone.  Do you want to be blandly pretty or daringly gorgeous (and sometimes a little insane)?

First, find a hat shop. Even a place like mall staple Lids has a pretty good Kangol selection (and you cant go wrong with Kangol, man). Depending on the season, Nordstrom seems to have a few carefully edited selections. People have some passionate hate for fedoras, but trust me, they're a pretty good gateway. It takes a little time to find the correct brim size for your face and body, but it's a hat style in which most people look good. Play around with tucking your hair inside (with some wisps sticking out to keep it feminine) or keeping your hair down. Fedoras, I can wear either way, but a newsboy (another great gateway) I only like with my hair tucked in, just a few pieces of hair hanging down.  The benin (second photo) - that's a more advanced style to pull off (but SOOO. FUN. I get a million compliments in it and it just elevates any outfit. It took me 5 or 6 years of never ending scouring of ebay to find it until I finally found an Etsy girl to make me one custom (highly recommended, when you're ready). I think I need to order another, but I may wait for Fall so I can get a nice brown wool (hopefully GirlFauxPas will be back from vacation by then!).  I like a little structure, but a lot of people feel more comfortable with a slouchier hat like a beanie or a beret. I have a small head so these look like the hat is trying to eat me.  I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it on other people, either. I love some Rachel Zoe, but I do not love her taste in hats. I feel she could look soooo. much. prettier. (Of course, now that I'm searching google images, she's in all fedoras and looks GORGEOUS. Perhaps, she was just really into beanies during filming?)  But there you go, she feels confident, so I'm glad she wears it. It's definitely memorable and completely her. In my book, that's better than pretty.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sample Sale

I'm debating a subscription to makeup sample site (either Birchbox or Ipsy). Like most girls, I love samples and I love trying new products, but I fear each month will go the way of most samples in my house: stuffed in the medicine cabinet.  It's difficult to try a new product on a day I have to look nice, but then I dont want to try a great product on a day when I dont leave the house. Ahhhh, the joys of cheapness!

Thankfully the internet was created specifically for people to document unboxing things [so fascinated by unboxings and the people who create these unboxing videos], so I've been scanning the last few months of goodies. Birchbox subscribers seem to be mildy satisfied to underwhelmed, some months being good and some awful.  The site itself gives no example set, which is frustrating. Ipsy subscribers seem to be waiting on pins and needles for the unveiling of each month's set of samples. The Ipsy site clearly shows the last several months of "Glam Bags", with the value amount for each.  Also, Birchbox is promoting the hell out of itself on Facebook and maybe driving me a little crazy.

Birchbox seems to have more of a skincare focus, while Ipsy is more about makeup.  I love skin care products, but I've noticed those are the samples that I never get around to trying. I'm much more likely to try out a perfume or a lipgloss.

I'm clearly leaning toward Ipsy. I like that Ipsy has more of a community and video tutorials (I assume coming from founder Michelle Phan's YouTube background). I'm on a waitlist (both sites appear to have a mandatory wait-period, similar to purchasing a handgun), but am hoping to get in under the wire to receive the June Glam Bag.  If and when, I'll unbox. Just for you.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Life On Nars

Oh man, I was so trying to resist punny titles.  Failed.

I have an unhealthy obsession with makeup. I have a career and a family, but I can promise you that at any given moment, my thoughts are with eye makeup and my next lipstick purchase. If I had a single ounce of skill at sketching, my free-time would be spent making a never-ending sheaf of makeup palettes. Just like this:
I think I would try to be Francois Nars, as well.

I dream about color combinations, mixing shadows, textures.  I dream of having bigger eyes for a more expansive canvas and the ability to use shadow on the lower lids (mine are much to squinty to pull off).

Back to Nars, though, this Private Sale is going to break me. I have a dream of just having an entire Nars counter in my bathroom. Or at least just the lip pencils. To be honest, I'm actually an Urban Decay fan for eyes.  Scandal!  I think I just have greasier lids than the average bear and Urban Decay knows how to handle such things.  But lips? Oh, Heatwave, Cardinal, Mexican Rose, Sex Machine....

(ai yi yi, how on earth to change the starting image?!)

I'm trying to decide on a summer look. I'm always about a bright lip and shimmery gold and silver lids, but maybe I'm too old for shimmer? At what point do you decide to let go of certain colors and finishes?

Monday, June 03, 2013


For years and years and years, I envisioned myself as a small business owner. A little boutique of tiny labels, a range of prices, nicely edited with a hope of instilling a love of individuality in my loyal clientele. But then I discovered that I'm terribly risk-averse and am definitely a glass half-empty sort of girl. For my own life, it is difficult for me to see anything more than the worst. I know there is a possibility of success, especially when one is truly passionate, smart, creative, and planning for the worst without being paralyzed by it.  When I was younger, I worried about a lack of a safety net. As I got older, it was just plain fear of failure.  Now, as a parent, it's a fear of taking away a single bit of comfort or enjoyment from my children. You cant go to the college of your choice because mommy dreamed of owning a savings-draining boutique?

In college, I frequented a shop called Betty. The nostalgia I have for this place makes me feel like perhaps I only dreamed it. How could a place this good not still exist? And if it doesnt exist, how can I possibly create a successful version of it?

Betty - I have no idea of the owner's actual name, so let's just call her Betty - had zero pretense, always knew my size, my price range, and was always able to point out exactly what I needed. For a broke college girl surrounded by a sea of Urban Outfitters/Diesel/JCrew-attired rich kids, treated as a would-be shoplifter in most parts of town, Betty (the store) was absolute heaven. I still have many of the items I purchased there 15 years ago - the aforementioned gray column dress, the most perfect teal pencil skirt, a red suede clutch.

(my most coveted dress)

How do you find a place like that again? A place that feels like your own dream closet, owned by a girl that genuinely wants to make you look good, that wants it to be your closet?  Does anyone know where Betty in Adams Morgan moved?? Please?? Or do you just try to recreate it, maybe with a side focus on makeup? Speaking of dreams, I feel like I need to be a part of BiteBeauty (via Garance Doré).  I love the chemistry side, the color creation, the scent, the case. Every every every bit of this.