Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

Sorry for a delay in dispatches. Currently busy with overeating in Texas and Magnum PI reruns - important stuff.

Off topic, quick question: can we pull off a romper if we are over 22? Not strapless terry cloth, maybe sleeveless, a little lace, silk?

Ok, back to business. Today we will go back in time to Resort 2013, because in theory, it's what we should be wanting and wearing now, right? Also, have been recently poring over old McQueen genius and realized that we did not get any McQueen resort this season. Plus, I need a suit. Ahhhhhh, suits. Wiiiiide bell bottom trousers (super skinny in the thigh), jackets with wide lapels and slightly oversized, tweaked, razor-sharp shoulders.  This seems very David Bowie to me, everything so fluid (in some cases liquid metallics), sexy, a little space disco princess. The giant metal finished obis (some so large to almost qualify as a corset) are definitely on my wishlist and a fun project for updating an existing pants suit or even a simple shift.

I am opposed to reptile skins (not for moral reasons, only for ick), but I cannot deny the amazing ness of this patch working. I cannot believe I have been made to drool over *patchwork* and some sort of disgusting creature's *skin* (triple ick).

On topic, quick question: can we wear a patchwork liquid silver bell bottom pantsuit to an interview?

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