Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sample Sale

I'm debating a subscription to makeup sample site (either Birchbox or Ipsy). Like most girls, I love samples and I love trying new products, but I fear each month will go the way of most samples in my house: stuffed in the medicine cabinet.  It's difficult to try a new product on a day I have to look nice, but then I dont want to try a great product on a day when I dont leave the house. Ahhhh, the joys of cheapness!

Thankfully the internet was created specifically for people to document unboxing things [so fascinated by unboxings and the people who create these unboxing videos], so I've been scanning the last few months of goodies. Birchbox subscribers seem to be mildy satisfied to underwhelmed, some months being good and some awful.  The site itself gives no example set, which is frustrating. Ipsy subscribers seem to be waiting on pins and needles for the unveiling of each month's set of samples. The Ipsy site clearly shows the last several months of "Glam Bags", with the value amount for each.  Also, Birchbox is promoting the hell out of itself on Facebook and maybe driving me a little crazy.

Birchbox seems to have more of a skincare focus, while Ipsy is more about makeup.  I love skin care products, but I've noticed those are the samples that I never get around to trying. I'm much more likely to try out a perfume or a lipgloss.

I'm clearly leaning toward Ipsy. I like that Ipsy has more of a community and video tutorials (I assume coming from founder Michelle Phan's YouTube background). I'm on a waitlist (both sites appear to have a mandatory wait-period, similar to purchasing a handgun), but am hoping to get in under the wire to receive the June Glam Bag.  If and when, I'll unbox. Just for you.

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