Thursday, September 28, 2006

October Vogue

Can we discuss for a moment the Sandra Bullock cover? Given, she looks nothing short of stunning, but Sandra Bullock? I am actually a secret fan of "Practical Magic" (I even love Miss "Jillybean" Nicole Kidman in it. This is admitting a lot.)

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007, day 3

Alessandro Dell'Acqua - Super cool hard-edged feathers, if that's possible. Sequined mini-dresses with bubble sleeves. Weak, unconfidant animal prints.

Alberta Ferretti - Slinky, pretty, silky, frilly. Tight bow belts. Womanly and elegant.

Anna Molinari - My favorite proportion of skinny pants is ankle length. I love the leopard print shrug - even though it's probably the least flattering thing I could ever try. Love it, except for those runaway ruffled shoulders.

Gucci - The Vogue reviewer didnt much like the collection, but I think they're being a little hard on Miss Not Tom Ford. I think the collection was fun, a wacky take on folk, and full of personality without sex-appeal-overkill and disco and ladylike. All of those things can be nice, it's just we've seen them on every runway, good and bad. This Gucci collection is a little off and not perfect, but it's different and brave and will be fun to recognize on the street. Plus, I have a pair of pants almost identical to these.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007, day 2

6267 - Slinky silk pajamas. A little bit unstructured for me.

Bottega Veneta - Crisp dresses, fitted bodices, ruffled and rushed sleeves. Princess gowns with nary a bit of lace or color or sparkle. Subtle.

Etro - Slightly obnoxious prints and some seemingly ill-fitting pants, though some pretty paisley dresses and jackets. A 60s vibe and black tights.

La Perla - Elegant 60s, a la Catherine Deneuve. The first dress is just plain gorgeous. Most of the rest of the dresses are gorgeous too, but when they branch out of lace and dresses not so much.

Marni - Never been a huge fan and this season did no converting. Sloppy designs with too much pillowcasing and drab olives and umm leggings with sport stripes?

Moschino - Sparkles and petticoats and 50s cocktail and holy terrible tanning! Wacky long sleevess tossed of short-sleeve shoulders. Cute and costumey - just how I like things.

Pollini - African and Island prints on 60s shifts and 3/4-sleeve jackets, with huge shell buttons.

Prada - Ultra mini shirt-dresses and 40s style mid-calf dresses. Blousy-bubbly bodices and shoulders and sleeves. Pleated hot pants? I dont fully get it or even like it, but we all know that wont matter eventually.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007

Belstaff - Deconstructed motorcycle jackets and thongs? Hmm.

Burberry - Some trenches, some other trenches, and then some trenches. But really, I am a fan of those bell sleeves. Oh and also some fairly unflattering and unexciting dresses.

Ferragamo - Easy pretty springy dresses and full pleated skirts. And dear god the shoes.

Giorgio Armani - I have issues with Armani. His shows tend to be a 100 photos long, incredibly bland, and seemingly the same each season. Variations on a suit and a hat. His couture is another story. But this is not his couture show. Here are suit jackets and here are fedoras and here are some retardedly binding scarf/wraps/somethings over some suit jackets. Here are silk pajama pants. And here is one gorgeous gown.

Maurizio Pecoraro - A little Marc, a little Prada. Certainly not bad, just too familiar. Maybe he's more affordable.

Pringle - Pufffed sleeves and pillowcase dresses. Easy and pretty, but a little too Kirsten Dunst-y.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

London - Spring/Summer 2007

Danielle Scutt - Single boobed dresses and bathing suits, high hair, and sneering red lips. Punk so-cal.

Noir - Dangerous Sandy-at-the-end-of-"Grease" leggings (or are they super-skinny trousers?). Very tough and hard.

Peter Jensen - The prepster who gets things a little wrong and trashy. I really just like the backdrop on the runway.

Biba - Love the shoes and I have a secret obsession with knickers. Especially blouson-y ones like these. In 2nd grade, I had some blouson-y blue corduroy ones. Sigh.

I think we've discussed my jumpsuit love too.

Slickly vintage.

Gareth Pugh - I will have nightmares over these characters, I'm sure. Seriously cool clothing.

Paul Smith - American sportswear with an English eccentricity. Classic Paul Smith colors, but few prints. I'm dreaming about the shoes.

Preen - Dresses with exaggerated hips and shoulders are probably a bad idea, but the jumpers have the right mix of sexy and sharp and nerdy.

Jonathan Saunders - Sophisticated styles, quirky Prada minimalist prints and color pairings.

Basso & Brooke - Psychedelic flapper dresses, skin-tight gold lamé trouser/leggings.

Aquascutum - Trenches, ho hum, but I'm in love with this print:

Christopher Kane - My first thought was electric neon Hervé Leger derivative. But I pushed through and I am finding myself strangely in love. The dresses look sexy and easy and pretty and fun. The colors, the laces, the chains. This is the first show that really has me excited and dreaming.

Giles - Smart little dresses, some big puffy skirts, sick black bell bottoms. Sort of anti-what-is-expected-for-this-season, but on the whole, totally likeable and wearable. Especially the giant chain prints.

Hamish Morrow - Sharp, futuristic without being minimalist.