Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007, day 2

6267 - Slinky silk pajamas. A little bit unstructured for me.

Bottega Veneta - Crisp dresses, fitted bodices, ruffled and rushed sleeves. Princess gowns with nary a bit of lace or color or sparkle. Subtle.

Etro - Slightly obnoxious prints and some seemingly ill-fitting pants, though some pretty paisley dresses and jackets. A 60s vibe and black tights.

La Perla - Elegant 60s, a la Catherine Deneuve. The first dress is just plain gorgeous. Most of the rest of the dresses are gorgeous too, but when they branch out of lace and dresses not so much.

Marni - Never been a huge fan and this season did no converting. Sloppy designs with too much pillowcasing and drab olives and umm leggings with sport stripes?

Moschino - Sparkles and petticoats and 50s cocktail and holy terrible tanning! Wacky long sleevess tossed of short-sleeve shoulders. Cute and costumey - just how I like things.

Pollini - African and Island prints on 60s shifts and 3/4-sleeve jackets, with huge shell buttons.

Prada - Ultra mini shirt-dresses and 40s style mid-calf dresses. Blousy-bubbly bodices and shoulders and sleeves. Pleated hot pants? I dont fully get it or even like it, but we all know that wont matter eventually.

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