Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007

Belstaff - Deconstructed motorcycle jackets and thongs? Hmm.

Burberry - Some trenches, some other trenches, and then some trenches. But really, I am a fan of those bell sleeves. Oh and also some fairly unflattering and unexciting dresses.

Ferragamo - Easy pretty springy dresses and full pleated skirts. And dear god the shoes.

Giorgio Armani - I have issues with Armani. His shows tend to be a 100 photos long, incredibly bland, and seemingly the same each season. Variations on a suit and a hat. His couture is another story. But this is not his couture show. Here are suit jackets and here are fedoras and here are some retardedly binding scarf/wraps/somethings over some suit jackets. Here are silk pajama pants. And here is one gorgeous gown.

Maurizio Pecoraro - A little Marc, a little Prada. Certainly not bad, just too familiar. Maybe he's more affordable.

Pringle - Pufffed sleeves and pillowcase dresses. Easy and pretty, but a little too Kirsten Dunst-y.

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