Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New York - Spring/Summer 2007, part 4

Nathan Jenden - Stiff, girly, crisp bedding.

Oscar de la Renta - 60s Liz Taylor, dramatic colors and florals. Gorgeous lace, precious suits, jaw-dropping formals. As per usual.

Rodarte - Someone went mad in a fabric store...I'm not a fan of most of this - it's all a little much and a little trying too hard to be the American Viktor and Rolf, but it's the first collection in quite a few that hasnt bored me to tears with the predictable prettiness or the predictable godawfulness or the predictable "why the hell did this collection need a runway show?"

Ruffian - Love the organdy ruffles and crisp satins. Very vampy angelic.

Three As Four - The least concept-y show I've seen of them. Spacy, floaty, amorphous shapes and prints. Everything looks comfortable and mesmerizing. I'm actually most moved by the bathing suits. A beautifully dreamy collection.

Tuleh - Beautiful girls and dresses. Sharp suits. Ladylike. I'm glad they stayed true to their aesthetic. Borderline older divorcee, though.

Vera Wang - No one is ever going to admit this, but this is a frumpy, overdone, mess of a show. Trying so, so hard to be edgy - like her new perfume bottle and ad campaign. Yikes.

Y & Kei - Ultra pretty and polished. A little overdone, but springy and wedding cakey in a fun and funny way. Actually, I would have guessed this to be Vera Wang...

Zac Posen - My first thought was "Yves Saint Laurent". This is sexy and tailored and disco and confident.

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