Monday, September 11, 2006

New York - Spring/Summer 2007, part 2

Carolina Herrera - Gooooorgeous fabrics (particularly the acid pink toiles), elegant lines, belted and fitted - but not too tight or short or spindly. Extremely work-place wearable and just plain pretty.

Jenni Kayne - It's hard to get past the eye makeup and heavy tans and the sheer dress with bear fur patches (???) and the vision-impairing hats, but the majority of the looks are easy and post-beachy.

Jill Stuart - Lace pillowcases. Fairytale princesses underpinnings. They're not bad, just a little repetitive and not really flattering on most.

Does this really count as design?:

Josh Goot - Slinky silver and white pieces tied with obi-belts. Crowd-pleasing trenches, springy blues and yellows and greens. Pretty and easy. Maybe just bras next time, k?

Jovovich Hawk - Quirky, frilly, girly, cool. A little too layered and sheer. Old fashioned lace and vintage in-a-good-way, but very very simple.

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Anonymous said...

I really love the Caroline Herrera looks. And that black dress by Josh Goot. Soo pretty. I'm definitely on a "need-to-find-some-dresses" kick so these are very appealing...