Friday, January 27, 2006

i want i want i want

I've become unhealthily obsessed with these:

I *need* them, dont you understand??? Fortunately, Marc will never understand and would never allow me to spend $645 on shoes.

I will also consider these:

For a mere nine hundred and seventy five dollars.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Paris Couture Spring-Summer 2006, cont.

Elie Saab - As usual, unfailing prettiness and dramatic entrance-making dresses. An absolute dream of confections and clouds, with just the right amount of disco thrown in to sex it up.

Givenchy - It is hard to make out the details, but there's something futuristic and clean about these nerdy/sexy, ugly/pretty clothes.

Later in the show, things get a little Miss Havisham...decaying luxury...and then a bit of a new bordello. I like both in a haunted sort of way. But I really just love this ruby skirt.

A really cool, spooky museum show.

Jean Paul Gaultier - I actually cant say that I understand the show or the theme. I get the hair and the cigarettes in cigarette holders, but I'm really not sure how it all ties together. The Grecian-holiday/Jackie O is definitely there, and I like it. There's also a bit of Genie and some truly hideous suits. I like quite a bit of it though.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Paris Couture Spring-Summer 2006

Anne Valerie Hash - Spooky gothic ghosts and modified hunting suits. Strangely sexy but frumpy. The random closing gown is a stunner though:

Armani Prive - Suits. Some stylish, some stylish for old ladies, some bland. Some gorgeous dresses made from either tight or frilly fabric bandages.

Some seriously 80s rhinestone numbers that are only saved by being strapless. The reviews call it "perfectly Armani". I think that's code for "boring" and "sells well for the 60+ demo". Not that there's anything wrong with that. To be fair, that's probably the demo of couture anyway.

Chanel - Oooooh. Gorgeous suits. Cropped jackets with 3/4-length sleeves in white. Exaggerated hip demure skirts. Flat heeled boots. Girlish, but with romantic lace blouses underneath. My favorites are the dresses though.

And the negligee-jackets.

Alternately simple and over-the-top, I cant decide which is more modern or more beautiful...

Christian Dior - Bloody, scary, Marie Antoinette-y. In other words, brilliant and so at-odds than the Pretty-Pretty we're so used to. It very much reminds me of JPG, though.

Just far too short!

Christian LaCroix - Impossibly elegant and fun.

Prints and colors and textures that in any other hand would be wrong.

I'm dying of happiness in all this lace and tulle.

I need to just paste in the whole show here.

Revillon - Dour greys and blacks with fur trimmings from this fur house. Did they not realize it's the Spring-Summer collection?

No, not edgy. Oh righ, I forgot. The current designer is Mr Bland Bland Bland Boring Rick Owens.

Valentino - Vampy, but demure - perfect for a woman of a certain age. I hate the muted/dated florals though.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

French Kate

I finally have the issue in my freezing cold hands. Curse my inferior French-translation skills! There are so. many. Kate articles in here too. More than anything, though, the photos are *amazing*. I will try to get around to scanning the whole damn thing for you to peruse. A gorgeous black and white layout - where the covers came from, a fantastic snapshot of her sticking her head through the sun roof as she drives by the Grand Canyon post-rehab, two separate retrospectives of her career, and papparazzi photos comparing her style as inspiration for individual designers. The depressing part is that her role in the issue would have been much larger had she not been forced to rehab after the scandal.

Elles ont le goût incroyable!

The Cherry-YUM-DIDDLY Dip segment of my Lik-m-aid FunDip exploded and it is taking every last shred of willpower to not lick my desk and my Snoopy lunchbag.