Wednesday, January 11, 2006

French Kate

I finally have the issue in my freezing cold hands. Curse my inferior French-translation skills! There are so. many. Kate articles in here too. More than anything, though, the photos are *amazing*. I will try to get around to scanning the whole damn thing for you to peruse. A gorgeous black and white layout - where the covers came from, a fantastic snapshot of her sticking her head through the sun roof as she drives by the Grand Canyon post-rehab, two separate retrospectives of her career, and papparazzi photos comparing her style as inspiration for individual designers. The depressing part is that her role in the issue would have been much larger had she not been forced to rehab after the scandal.

Elles ont le goût incroyable!

The Cherry-YUM-DIDDLY Dip segment of my Lik-m-aid FunDip exploded and it is taking every last shred of willpower to not lick my desk and my Snoopy lunchbag.

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