Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Can You Understand the British Vogue Thing Now?

Oooooh. British Vogue has put up an archive of their past covers (though not complete - I mean, there's not even a 1996). Much better covers than our US ones, though I would say that Harper's Bazaar is always satisfying (if not a little tedious, at least for the subscriber version. It irritates me that I always like the newsstand version so much better).

This is my all-time favorite. I have it filed away in the attic. The gold stars clinched it for me.

An incredible Kate:

Oh my god. They let you search for covers by model. I've officially lost the next 4 hours of my life.

Another from my files:

I dont like poor Kylie's face on the cover, but the art direction and concept are great. Why wouldnt you buy this issue?

Can you imagine a fashion magazine doing a cover like this today?

I bought this issue on my last day in New York (2nd time). I was carrying two bunches of flowers from my birthday - daffodils (from my mom) and some pink tulips (from Maria) that matched this cover perfectly.

There have been some missteps. For instance, I almost didnt buy this issue because the cover sickened me.

They used this typesetting on an issue a few years ago. I like when they play with the logo font.

Oh, and the $15 issue:

I think it was worth it.

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