Monday, July 17, 2006

August Harper's Bazaar

If you're not a subscriber consider yourself lucky, as this is what tumbled out of my mailbox on Friday[image from PITNB]:


I forgot to mention, in the accompanying interview, some choice quotes:
"I go to [her baby's] closet and just bleach everything."

"Preston's just like a rocker kid...Hopefully next year we'll have a fashion show, maybe at Disney World or something like that. We'll have them onstage, and they'll have mini guitars. Everyone needs a mini guitar."

Holy Christ, the mental images. What is she bleaching? Will the line include acid washed jeans? Mini guitars. Babies with mini guitars. I'm willing to bet there will be some backwards denim baseball caps in that show.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Autumn/Winter 2006 Couture, part 2

Christian Lacroix - The new, fuller silhouette, electric tights, ribbons and sequins. Beyond elegant with sumptuous fabrics and furs - as classic as Chanel, as vintage feminine as Anna Molinari, and ballgowns like extravagant nightgowns.

Elie Saab - The usual: elegant, sheer, body conscious, pretty. Perhaps just a tad more intricate in the detailing than Ready to Wear. The beaded lace (or beading that appears to be lace) is quite lovely.

Eric Tibush - Smiling models can be freaky. A 20s-30s look with feathers and furs and wasp waists. I cant decide if it's the model or the dresses that have a bit of a tough muscle vibe.

Galliano - Ok. Hrmm. I dont get it. We know that Galliano knows what Couture is, so what the hell is this? I feel like I'm looking at a Heatherette collection. Someone explain, please.

Givenchy - Models with facial hair are scary. Elaborately sleeved jackets (I know that sounds odd, but have a look), exotic skins, shaved furs, serious glamour hidden behind the serious religious?/tribal?/weird? looks.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Luxe and playful (sometimes sexy!), wacky but classic. Gorgeous cuts and opulent details. Looooove.

Valentino - Sophisticated glamour with a dash of Dynasty edge and wit. Just beautiful.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Autumn/Winter 2006 Couture

Anne Valerie Hash- Frilly french maid skirts and hot-pants length bloomers give this collection a Spring feel.

Ruffles, bibs, girly suspenders, bubbled and banded skirts (how to describe??)

I feel like this is a really great collection, but for Spring. I'm trying to be more open-minded for Couture. I was just rereading an old article with Alber Elbaz discussing the original intent of Couture. I think of it as opulent and decadent, but really it was intended as a luxury of individuality. The runway should give a direction and idea for the wearer, but over the course of her fittings, the look is modified and tailored exactly to her own taste and body.

Armani Prive- Zigzag 40s glamour.

Exotic skins and feather details are not my cup of tea, but it adds to the richness. Elegant, a little old-fashioned, but I guess that's what you'd invest tens of thousands of dollars in though, no?

Chanel- Ladylike tweed suits with oversized buttons worn over skinny, skinny jeans and denim boots and denim fingerless gloves. Forgive me, while I like the aesthetic, the actual items are rather cheesy. And a bit too reminiscent of Mr Lagerfeld's look. I think I can safely declare that not many women are angling to look like him. The dresses are rather sweet on their own, however. The beading and bows and embroidery are simply breathtaking (when one ignores those damn boots).

Christian Dior- Definitely fantastical. Definitely surreal. Definitely reminiscent of Viktor & Rolf.

A little late 90s Kate Moss bleached punk hair and heavy black eyemask makeup. If we force ourselves to think of this as merely the dream before the clothes...I just wonder what the ordered pieces will look like.