Sunday, July 09, 2006

Autumn/Winter 2006 Couture, part 2

Christian Lacroix - The new, fuller silhouette, electric tights, ribbons and sequins. Beyond elegant with sumptuous fabrics and furs - as classic as Chanel, as vintage feminine as Anna Molinari, and ballgowns like extravagant nightgowns.

Elie Saab - The usual: elegant, sheer, body conscious, pretty. Perhaps just a tad more intricate in the detailing than Ready to Wear. The beaded lace (or beading that appears to be lace) is quite lovely.

Eric Tibush - Smiling models can be freaky. A 20s-30s look with feathers and furs and wasp waists. I cant decide if it's the model or the dresses that have a bit of a tough muscle vibe.

Galliano - Ok. Hrmm. I dont get it. We know that Galliano knows what Couture is, so what the hell is this? I feel like I'm looking at a Heatherette collection. Someone explain, please.

Givenchy - Models with facial hair are scary. Elaborately sleeved jackets (I know that sounds odd, but have a look), exotic skins, shaved furs, serious glamour hidden behind the serious religious?/tribal?/weird? looks.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Luxe and playful (sometimes sexy!), wacky but classic. Gorgeous cuts and opulent details. Looooove.

Valentino - Sophisticated glamour with a dash of Dynasty edge and wit. Just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

The girls at Galliano look like drag queens to me. It's kinda creepy.

wixlet said...

i am actually getting kind of excited about this season! i'm liking the look of a lot of these pieces!

now if i can just squeeze a few extra hours into my week to get some sewing done...