Monday, July 17, 2006

August Harper's Bazaar

If you're not a subscriber consider yourself lucky, as this is what tumbled out of my mailbox on Friday[image from PITNB]:


I forgot to mention, in the accompanying interview, some choice quotes:
"I go to [her baby's] closet and just bleach everything."

"Preston's just like a rocker kid...Hopefully next year we'll have a fashion show, maybe at Disney World or something like that. We'll have them onstage, and they'll have mini guitars. Everyone needs a mini guitar."

Holy Christ, the mental images. What is she bleaching? Will the line include acid washed jeans? Mini guitars. Babies with mini guitars. I'm willing to bet there will be some backwards denim baseball caps in that show.

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wixlet said...

she is giving the all-black-hair-dye crew a bad rep.