Thursday, January 26, 2006

Paris Couture Spring-Summer 2006, cont.

Elie Saab - As usual, unfailing prettiness and dramatic entrance-making dresses. An absolute dream of confections and clouds, with just the right amount of disco thrown in to sex it up.

Givenchy - It is hard to make out the details, but there's something futuristic and clean about these nerdy/sexy, ugly/pretty clothes.

Later in the show, things get a little Miss Havisham...decaying luxury...and then a bit of a new bordello. I like both in a haunted sort of way. But I really just love this ruby skirt.

A really cool, spooky museum show.

Jean Paul Gaultier - I actually cant say that I understand the show or the theme. I get the hair and the cigarettes in cigarette holders, but I'm really not sure how it all ties together. The Grecian-holiday/Jackie O is definitely there, and I like it. There's also a bit of Genie and some truly hideous suits. I like quite a bit of it though.

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