Thursday, September 28, 2006

Milan - Spring/Summer 2007, day 3

Alessandro Dell'Acqua - Super cool hard-edged feathers, if that's possible. Sequined mini-dresses with bubble sleeves. Weak, unconfidant animal prints.

Alberta Ferretti - Slinky, pretty, silky, frilly. Tight bow belts. Womanly and elegant.

Anna Molinari - My favorite proportion of skinny pants is ankle length. I love the leopard print shrug - even though it's probably the least flattering thing I could ever try. Love it, except for those runaway ruffled shoulders.

Gucci - The Vogue reviewer didnt much like the collection, but I think they're being a little hard on Miss Not Tom Ford. I think the collection was fun, a wacky take on folk, and full of personality without sex-appeal-overkill and disco and ladylike. All of those things can be nice, it's just we've seen them on every runway, good and bad. This Gucci collection is a little off and not perfect, but it's different and brave and will be fun to recognize on the street. Plus, I have a pair of pants almost identical to these.

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