Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Life On Nars

Oh man, I was so trying to resist punny titles.  Failed.

I have an unhealthy obsession with makeup. I have a career and a family, but I can promise you that at any given moment, my thoughts are with eye makeup and my next lipstick purchase. If I had a single ounce of skill at sketching, my free-time would be spent making a never-ending sheaf of makeup palettes. Just like this:
I think I would try to be Francois Nars, as well.

I dream about color combinations, mixing shadows, textures.  I dream of having bigger eyes for a more expansive canvas and the ability to use shadow on the lower lids (mine are much to squinty to pull off).

Back to Nars, though, this Private Sale is going to break me. I have a dream of just having an entire Nars counter in my bathroom. Or at least just the lip pencils. To be honest, I'm actually an Urban Decay fan for eyes.  Scandal!  I think I just have greasier lids than the average bear and Urban Decay knows how to handle such things.  But lips? Oh, Heatwave, Cardinal, Mexican Rose, Sex Machine....

(ai yi yi, how on earth to change the starting image?!)

I'm trying to decide on a summer look. I'm always about a bright lip and shimmery gold and silver lids, but maybe I'm too old for shimmer? At what point do you decide to let go of certain colors and finishes?

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