Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Louis Vuitton Resort 2014

Vindication! I love when I'm struck with a wild hair for a certain accessory or item of clothing, spend months debating whether I can pull off said item, even more months trying to track down the exact item in my vision, only to find a designer I adore with the exact same vision. It makes me feel like I'm at least keeping up. I'm not like on Mercury while the rest of the fashion world is (sanely) walking away from the sun.

 The item in question? CLOGS. Can we do this? Marc Jacobs says yes and I tend to pay attention to him.
I had been dreaming of this sleek pair a friend in my freshman dorm wore. They were from JCrew (sadly no longer available) and in the most perfect beige/grey neutral leather. At the time they were and in my mind's eye they currently are perfection. I had been trying to convince myself these are good enough, or these pricier ones, but now I feel I should hold out. Perhaps MJ will encourage a JCrew reissue. I will begin praying. 
Back to clothes - I CAN BARELY SEE THEM WITH ALL OF THIS FOOT EXCITEMENT - this is just lovely, wearable, pretty, classic stuff right here. If you have Sophia Coppola as a style icon, them of course you look here anyway, but this collection particularly feels poached from her closet. A touch of vintage Chanel in the nubby tweeds, the fuller yet tailored cuts, the simple girlishness - a girl not looking to be sexy or untouchable or ladylike. This is a girl who can get caught in the rain, clomp across town without complaining too much, and definitely out coool you.

This jacket, though, feels all me all day.

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