Monday, June 24, 2013

Alexander McQueen Resort 2014

It's a late June Miracle - or perhaps a miracle of not reading a show schedule - as the photos for McQueen Resort just popped up on my radar today. Complain and we shall receive, something like that, no?

I like labels that give us a real resort feel, so that I can pretend it is an actual way to dress for an actual season or occasion for my life. Let's call it Summer. No, not Spring-Summer. Just Summer, totally different! (And, no, I will not stop with the faux confusion about Resort).

Here we have a pale, neutral palette for short, full skirts and Huck Finn cutoff jeans. I am going to ignore the bare shoulders caused by the dreaded sleeveless-dropped shoulder combo a la my 8th Grade Homecoming dress by Jessica McClintock. No. Can't see them. Lalala.

 (Amirite ???)

I *dream* of a reason to need this. Is it too fancy for an August wedding in Pittsburgh? Pretty please?

(Ok, have to apologize for the innate shittiness of posting to Blogger via iPad. There is no image manipulation to be had and I'm jumping through actual hoops and THREE different apps to even GET the image in the first place. Things will get better next week. Let us pray for on many, many, many personal and professional levels. Please just click here to view all looks.)

I'm digging the petticoats, little apron/overall dresses (god, i love an apron), and the macramé patchwork. This feels like a sweaty summer night, maintaining a level of chicness, but keeping comfort. Notice those sandals, uneven scissoring on the pants - no office wear here, purely weekend wear or on some desert retreat - involving either a detox that wont stick or a regrettable bender.  Whatever fantasy you prefer. 

In no way could my style be bohemian or hippy, but I'm feeling these perforated cottons, belted waists, carefree colors. This just looks easy and dreamy -- fantasy that's not fantastical.

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