Sunday, March 06, 2005

fall Winter 2005-2006 Paris Day 4 and 5

Akris - Serious clothing doesnt have to be bland. Perfect office clothes, with none of the sugar-sweet ladylike look of late.

A nod to 70s swing, with some interesting sleeve proportions:

Alexander McQueen - All manners of the 50s screen queen, Grace Kelly to Brigitte Bardot. Modernized Hitchcockian suits to sexy sexy hair and vavavoom dresses. My only criticism would be perhaps a little too costumey? The suits and gowns are classic McQueen however - sleek, modern, crazy.

Ann Demuelemeester - A little bad 80s romantic. Possibly a Cinderella video (was that their name? the band?).

Cacharel - Fabulous prints on nice dresses.

Celine - Less jetset, more prettiness.

But nothing really new.

Chanel - A lot 80s, a little ski bunny, tweed golf pants, legging/legwarmers, a lot disappointed. The hair is making me think I'm viewing a collection circa 1999. I am digging the bows above the knees though. Add more ribbons to the shopping list.

Christian Lacroix - Rich widow - possibly mad or just plain eccentric, fantastic hair.

Big entrance-making gowns.

Hussein Chalayan - Dark, bad lighting, nice coats, interesting beading and feathers?

Nina Ricci - Light, gorgeous, definition of the word floaty. Clothing for an intelligent girl, a cultured girl.

Ooooh, and ribbons above the elbows.

Start to finish, amazing.

Paco Rabanne - So modern, so simple. A little random, but still very nice and very confident.

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