Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 London, Milan, Paris

Got sidetracked!

Alexander McQueen- gothic, rich, fantasy. Just absolute luxury, but with the strangest, most interesting proportions. I find the image of the designer, Sarah Burton, utterly charming with an actual pin cushion on her arm. 

Chanel - I no longer find anything redeeming in Chanel. This is the one bright spot in an utterly uncharming show. 

Giambattista Valli- such romance. Three dimensional rosettes and breathtaking rose prints. I can almost smell them.

Stella McCartney- reminding me of Donna Karan sensuality, comfort. The sweater dresses are obscene in richness and unadulterated coziness. The rope dresses are almost obscene - feel like I might be seeing private areas - but are new and interesting.

Celine- he really don't die over Celine - can be a bit too Plain Jane - but this feels like modern New Look. Lucy Ricardo could easily wear any of this. I love it.

Dior - and now for actual, modern Dior. Easily identifiable, yet very new and never before seen. Love the layered dresses, quilting, volume. Love the slightly random sparkly over dress. Would wear that all the time over anyyyyyyyything.

Balmain - dark, edgy, sexy, full of incredible layers and textures. Modern Claude Montana. Oh these leathers, man.

Saint Laurent - yes, all day, every day. Maybe a bit younger, but I can't hate sparkles and plaid and black tights - all that I hold sacred in the world.

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