Monday, September 01, 2014


Yet-to-be-read Australian Souvenirs
I recently splurged on a subscription to French Vogue. I like to think I have a reasonable grasp on French, but of course when perusing an actual periodical, it's clear how tenuous that grasp is. Nevertheless, I've reached a point in my fashion mag obsession where I can no longer be bothered with words. It seems crazy, but the reality is that I'm overwhelmed with a backlog of reading. The Sunday NY Times, monthly subscriptions to Vogue, French Vogue, Harper's Bazaar (I've recently shed Elle, as I find even their layouts ridiculous), a bookclub book, twitter, facebook, daily news sites. I cant keep up. So, where I once obtained all of my science and medicine updates from Vogue, I can no longer be bothered with whatever Anna Wintour feels I need to be bothered.

This boot is curing me of my boot obsession.
Maybe this one too, but this is an incredible photo.
Oh, Carolyn Murphy. Perfection.

Now this is why you get a French Vogue sub.
So ridiculous, but love. 
If I could be trusted in white...
Can I do Weejuns again?

I love a contrast collar
Perfect Fall look
Longer, fuller skirts? Is this doable?
Paris never gets old
Nor does JPG

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