Tuesday, May 09, 2006

April W - For the Kate spread alone

We have to take a moment of silence to mourn W's decade-long streak of disappointing me by putting low-rent tabloid fodder on its cover. Jessica Simpson.

The ubiquitous Ralph Lauren ads are working on me. I'm positively drooling over the Ricky bag. It's $3000+ price tag (for calf!, not croc!), not so much.
St John - are those scars on Angelina Jolie's arms? cutting?
Prada - oh how i love knee socks and sandals! justified!
Coach - as much as I hate Coach (a bad experience), they have some of the most unfailingly appealing ads. These black and white - I just want to be this girl.

McQueen has a new diffusion line, McQ. Priced 40% below the signature line.
A little late, but just a name to remember: Frida Giannini is the sole designer of Gucci now - formerly the accessories designer.
Paper Denim & Cloth has lowered their prices from $150-240 to $100-160.

Performance - Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott - Kate Moss in a blonde wig, heavy liquid black liner, and a pink pout. An absolutely gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. I'm ripping out every single photo (30 pages!). If you missed this issue, this layout is worth hunting down. Particularly the yellow-toned sleepy shot (how wonderful is flickr??).

Les Demoiselles de la Nuit - Photographed by Juergen Teller - A 26 page supersizing of the Marc Jacobs ads that have been forced upon us for the last few years. The heavily medicated random shots in luxury hotel/apartments (i cant tell) in 1984. Overly bright, small photos centered on a white page. Lots of red-eye and sprawled women. I'm sort of over this aesthetic, though the girl in the closet photo is sufficiently creepy enough to rip out.

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