Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Paris - Spring/Summer 2007 - Selections from days 3 and 4

Balenciaga - Robotic body consciousness with an 80s Tron slant.

Vivienne Westwood - Lazered lace and hems, ties and wraps and corsets, and plenty of graffiti.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Who knew 30 years? Key looks from the past, acid colored babydolls, some funny "nude" dresses.

Dior - If I can manage to tune out the horrendous hair, I find myself...bored. The suit-of-armor detailing on frumpy suits is I guess interesting. The dresses at the end managed to be pretty, though far less structured than what we're accustomed to finding with Galliano.

Sophia Kokosalaki - Soft and pretty and innocent. Loose pleats and drapes that look so flattering and comfortable.

Akris - More softly pretty. Very unstatement-y, but rather just beautiful and flattering clothes. With pockets!

Valentino - And the prettiest and ruffliest of all! Delicate laces, lingerie slips, layers and layers of tulle. I also liked the rolled hem suits and jackets.

Hussein Chalayan - Just magical.

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Anonymous said...

The gold leggings in the Balenciaga are very, very C3PO.

I like the valentino and chalayan.