Friday, October 27, 2006

Paris - Spring/Summer 2007 - Selections from days 7 and 8

Chloe - The Vogue reviewer really ripped this collection apart, but I see quite a few things that I like. The label is awaiting a new designer, so this collection is just a holdover from Fall. Knowing that, and knowing what sells, yes- there's nothing new, but I feel like the same can be said about many other collections all with a celebrity designer.

Martin Grant - Elegant and sporty. Sort of ageless. I really love piping and the heather knits look oh so comfortable. I want to look like this all Spring:

Hermès - A little Paradise Island...but the plaids, leathers (obvs), and leopard prints are nice. The non-leather fabrics appear as light as a scarf. Just easy, but not very exciting.

John Galliano - Very unshowy again, but with slightly garish (in a good way) liquid jerseys, some high-impact painted metallic skirts, and then with some horrifyingly gimmicky evening gowns.

Elie Saab - Gold lamé is a little overwhelming and garish (in a bad way), but the gold satin coat is gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's mainly lamé everywhere else...

Antonio Berardi - Sexy sexy sexy.

Louis Vuitton - Cozy jackets, cute blouses and dresses with lots of flounces and flowers, with a bit of the British (and sometimes MilkMaid) eccentric. And hello, how gorgeous does Marc Jacobs look??

Lanvin - Shiny YSL-style uniforms - a futuristic touch. Sophisticated draping for surprisingly comfortable evening dresses.

Miu Miu - On paper, it all sounds wrong: stiff satin tunics, high waisted pants, tiny rounded collars, tribal print dresses. But they are surprisingly sophisticated and surprisingly unlike most anything this season. Simple designs, but high drama colors.

And that's the end!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Elie Saab. Only one word describes that gold satin coat... Stunning!