Thursday, January 25, 2007

Couture - Spring/Summer 2007, cont.

Christian Lacroix - OHHH RUFFLES! Whimsical skirts and technicolor prints and shredded lace flowers, life would be so much happier if we could wear this every day. I cant pick a favorite. The polka-dots are perfect, the gowns are divine. Just have a look for yourself.

Givenchy - Kind of a downer and hard to get past the gigantically ridiculous hats, but there are some attic-finds and surprisingly sophisticated gowns.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Like all the Madonna con Bambinos in Italy, but a bit more fashionable and fitted. Simple gorgeous. From the simplest dresses to the most stunning gowns - and the most heavenly headgear.

Armani - Perfect for the upper-class, 55-year-old, Dynasty afficianado. Gems to be found, of course, but his overly-long shows always bore the bejeezus out of me.

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