Friday, September 19, 2003

Obligatory Spring 2004 Fashion Breakdown

When I lived in my parents' house, my mom sewed most of my clothes. We would go to ClothWorld and I would search the pattern books for the clothes that were going to change my life. For the most part, they never actually did. I still have a lot of those dresses and skirts and they still make me happy, though. It's extremely difficult for me to get rid of anything my mom made for me. They have so much sentimental value and are of such great quality. Moving away, I quickly learned the value of custom-made clothing. She still surprises me with things every once in a while. A pair of pin-striped trousers, a lilac silk shell...always perfect.

As you can maybe guess, my mother made me into a bit of a clothing fanatic. Perhaps it was those days looking at pattern books and fabrics or the boxes and boxes of doll clothes (mine and Tara's and also those from her childhood), but I am definitely one of those girls who truly believed I was going to grow up to be Barbie. This probably explains why I am actually crying for this one particular look. Photo 39 from Anna Sui's show perfectly illustrates what I always dreamed of wearing. Equal parts Malibu Barbie and exotic genie-wear...perfect dress-up clothing. Now if only this was acceptable office-gear...

I have quite the wish list for next Spring (pretty much anything from Diane Von Furstenberg [sexy-dressy-caszh], Oscar de la Renta [for all my formals, ya know], and Doo Ri [for everything else])...I plan to attempt to make a pair gold/black acrylic pants. I'm going to use this standard pattern that my mom has been using for years...I'm going to cut them a bit lower though. The hard part will be finding the exact fabric I'm a 70s acrylic sweater - black interwoven with gold. Also, I want to modify that same pattern for a pair of trousers that buttons up both sides (thigh to waist...the pattern currently zips up the back). I want to find a pair of dove-grey wide-waisted trousers, too. And a bunch of bright v-neck pullovers to wear over oxford shirts.

And a quick rundown of my impressions (or at least all the ones that compelled me to jot down notes, even during my .NET lecture) of the NY shows:

Unfortunately, for the most part, I'm feeling a little bored again. The trend I'm seeing is "the same thing done better by another designer 3 years ago" - see Tuleh [though I'm a sucker for gingham], DKNY, Luca Luca [umm...everything ever done by Tom Ford?], Betsey Johnson [I do like her and I like these clothes, but arent these exact rip-offs of D&G about 4 years ago??]. Not that any of these clothes are bad, I would die for any of them...but as a whole their shows just felt a little bit retread.

Dont get me started again on Imitation of Christ, blah blah blah. We've even seen *her* wearing this crap LAST YEAR.

Anne Klein is the only one that seemed to get a lot of criticism. I dont really think there's anything wrong here, but as I said above...I've just seen it before. Someone else did it better already. Though the hair and makeup - swoooon!

Zac Posen - I'm never one for bandwagons, but I dare you to criticize this collection. I admit it's pure can a cool kid with rich parents who grew up in Soho and is only 24 years old actually be talented??? Unfortunately, he is. He *is* the future.

Matthew Williamson - I've always loved his color (actually, that Anna Sui dress is pure him), but I really like the subtleness of this season. The pink edgings give just enough personality to a well cut jacket, as do the little pink belts to simple dresses and trousers.

Tommy Hilfiger - I like this stuff more and more each season...I want to find out who is actually doing the design. Whoever it is has an absolute talent for likeable, wearable. I would never believe it possible to pull off genie pants, but there you are.

Marc Jacobs/Marc for Marc Jacobs - Blasphemy, I know, but for the second season in a row, I'm totally not excited about any of this. For so long, it seemed that he was incapable of producing one bad piece. But read the reviews, what do I know? I guess I do know what excites my eye, and this (sadly) is not it.

Badgley Mischka - Is this the ugliest dress you've ever seen?

Calvin Klein - The new designer gave a surprisingly gorgeous collection. Some might say it's a little boring or lacking in spark (but isnt that very Calvin??), but I am drawn to so 24, 34, 37, 38, 39. I dont think I'll be missing Calvin.

Peter Som - This is the girl I want to be: elegant with lotsa leg. And I think I may sell my kidney for a pair of these ribbon sandals. The perfect pink, and blue, and green. Sigh...

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