Wednesday, September 24, 2003

London Calling

Maybe it's cuz I'm in a bad mood, but I am terribly bored by London Fashion Week for the most part.

betty jackson (photo 4) - perfect summer dress, 41...a little british girl obsessed with fairies in 40s english countryside
boudicca (photo 4) - love the stiff modernism
eley kishimoto- while they're clothes that i would prob be drawn to in a store, i'm not so excited by them on the runway...gimme a little fantasy, please
elspeth gibson (photo 19) - modern 60s, sexy-cute
emma cook - i hate everything about this show. the ugly-ass models (check out photo 4), the horrid hair and makeup, and -worst of all- the trailer park (and sooooo not in a vegas-good way) design and fabrics. ick.
hamish morrow - not certain of the clothes, but there are some really cool photos (photos 38+)
paul smith - it's hard to not get excited by his clothes. wrong but clean pattern combinations are so comforting - tho the first half is much better than the second
sophia kokosalaki - similar pallette to others whom i've labelled blah, but she's managed to make it far from dull. the twists and drapes are so sensual...seemingly ancient and futuristic. a lesson for me in being subtle to be fabulous.

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