Sunday, October 05, 2003

Ciao Bella

Some notes on Milan:

When I grow up, I definitely will dress in Alberta Ferretti. She has the 30ish, stylish, still-slightly-messy girl down just perfect. I would definitely wear any of her clothing today, but I'm on a tight schedule of getting as many too-tight, too-short, too-young outfits in before I really start looking my age. Hopefully, by then, 'looking my age' will involve me starting to resemble 35-year-old, voluptuous Italian women with long black hair and oversized lips. Photos 40 and 44 are pure dreaminess.

How is it Italian designers can make even the blandest idea or trend seem like the most cutting-edge yet somehow timeless cool girl gear? See all of Anna Molinari. Those belts! Moschino! Those shoes! Those tights! Those everything!! Seriously, I love each and every photo. You must view the entire thing. Trust me. DSquared2 appears to be the general exception, except in photo 14. I would maybe kill you for those hot pink sandals. Oooh 16! I take it back...the show starts off lame, but now...I wanna be some greaser's hot Italian vixen! Oh wait, it ends kinda lame too.

Why does Burberry, the British label that markets itself as the quintessential British brand, show in Milan? This turns me off, even if they started the show with dear Kate. The ho-hum, art-school offerings turn me off even more though.

The D&G show appears a little chaotic, or a lot chaotic, and some bits seemed to be trying too hard to be shocking or tarty, but I really feel inspired by the whole thing. These arent clothes to aspire to purchase, but looks to aspire to assemble from your closet's offerings. It's really very hard for me not to worship the first 24 photos. Really.

I despise when designers show men's fashion on the runway. Despise. Armani? 103 photos? No thanks.

As obvious as it sounds, I really respect Miuccia Prada. She somehow, season after season, creates clothes that no one would ever want but they cant live without. And always with a 50s kiss, which inspires instant affection from me. I usually enjoy her lower-line MiuMiu more, but this time it's all about Prada. Whereas MiuMiu was a little dull, Prada is all 50s picnic-in-the-park or a-stiff-drink-after-getting-fired-from-my-job-as-a-typist fantasy. There are even a few yes-I'll-accompany-you-to-a-cocktail-party-so-your-boss-believes-you-are-married-or-not-gay dresses to swoon over.

I am far too big a snob to even comment on Roberto Cavalli. Pish-posh designer ha.

Versace has surprised me yet again...whatever lifestyle I need to adopt to wear/be photo 10, I'm in. I'm totally digging Versus even.

I think I'm going to plot out a pleated skirt with random fabric panels on the side.

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