Friday, July 09, 2004

Paris Couture - Day 3

Elie Saab - Glam-mooooour. Spider webbed sequins, high-waisted disco pants (Photo 6 espec), very lovely. Of course, Hollywood stylists will soon make this stepford wifed blah. Like Oscar, this designer is just very good at making pretty perfection. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, although it’s something I usually fault a designer for. In this case (and in Oscar de la Renta’s), I feel there’s still a love of fashion and risk mixed in with the faultless designs. Not crazy for the members only jackets over some of the dresses and is that *three* wedding dresses at the end?

Jean Paul Gaultier - DESPISE the hats and fringe, but love the sweater boots. Are those pant-boots in Photo 4? There’s a whole disco-robin hood thing here that I’m not digging…I feel like you need an eagle on your forearm to wear this. Maybe I just feel this way because of the overabundance of capes – something I’ve been toying with in my head for the last few years. I have this green plaid cape of my mother’s that I have yet to figure out the best way to wear. I think you will def see it this year though. I will not be wearing it with a fedora, fyi and Photo 25 is wow.

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