Sunday, August 29, 2004

September Issues

If the idea of September issues for fashion mags doesnt send your heart aflutter, perhaps this post isnt for you.

Vogue UK: Kate Moss is on the cover, thank heavens, since Marc has forbidden me from buying this magazine except for March and September. It's a semi-disappointing photo though, as it's a little poorly photo-shopped. "Flash Dance" has really cool backgrounds, but I cant get over the model. She's much too young and not striking enough. "Deadlier Than The Male" is a cliched fashion spread. I think I saw this in Glamour, fo real. The dresses themselves are nice and I usu like the model (Elise Crombez), but there's nothing fantastical about the layout. "Out of all Proportion" is a nice play on angles and size but nothing worth ripping out. "All Woman" has the best balance of setting, hair, clothing, model. "Mademoiselle" is oh-so-french. I'm very excited for tweed. The layout is all about the clothes, which is refreshing. "Sweet Charity" is a little too styled and yawn.

Allure: Eww Kirsten Dunst. I learned that she really likes how she looks. "Risky Business" - love Erin Wasson, love secretarial settings, love noir.

Let's hope Harper's and Vogue arrive soon.

Ad reviews:
Gucci: nothing too shocking, but the army green sequined dress and matching fur shrug is breathtaking. Tom Ford really is gone though.
Gap: why the fuck would anyone give SJP a job? Especially one that requires modelling? She's old and not-so-cute and I dont think this is going to do much for the gap.
Dior: Gwen's influence on Galliano is quite visible, but unfort it's on euro-trashy-chinatown-ripoff crap.
Prada: Such great clothes, such terrible ads. She's sticking with the ugly model, bad makeup, hyper-photoshopped-plastic-skin look.
Louis Vuitton - I'm waiting for the full 8-page version in Vogue. Initial thoughts? Tired of actresses in ads. Please make Chloe Sevigny and Scarlett Johannson go away, though it's a step-up from JLo.
Bottega Veneta: True luxury. Their ads and products always look like sophisticated old-money.
Paul Smith: Stand-out.
Versace: Can this label get more lame? Seriously, this is retread of low-rent Versus.
MiuMiu: Why did everyone decide that Maggie Gyllenhaal is attractive or interesting?
Chanel: Boooooring and not even Kate.
Sisley: Naked ugly girl!
Smeg: I abs love that this refrigerator company advertises in every issue of British Vogue. I would *die* for one.
Guess: Whyyyyyyy Paris Hilton?
JLo: Why does she still exist anymore? Is there any earthly use for her?

Wow, I'm petty.

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