Thursday, September 09, 2004

New York Fashion Week - Day 1

Sebastian Pons - Fresh, innocent, milk-maid-ish, clothes that I think my mom made me as a child. I havent seen beribboned lace since 3rd grade, but I think it will be in my wardrobe soon. It's nice to see cool, unpretensious clothes on the runway that arent hideous or hippie-ish or crazysexy.

Doo Ri - Not particularly ground-breaking, but the fabrics and colors just feel like summer. Golds and aquas are showing up a lot, which is good because I'm crazy obsessed with aqua right now. I even want aqua-stained kitchen cabinets. The blouse in photo 3 is perfect for dancing after a day at the beach, preferably Seacrets in Ocean City. Again, simple not-too-sexy and unpretentious dresses and blouses. I'll take photos 13 and 20.

Imitation of Christ - Blech. See? Can you see the difference between pretentious shit and unpretentious wearable clothing? It's really amazing that someone is admitting to "designing" this (see 2,4,5,7,8,10,11,18,19). The Grecian gladiator styles arent so bad, but when you compare them to Alexander McQueen's first collection for Givenchy, you realize exactly how unoriginal and genuinely shitty Tara Subkoff is.

Kenneth Cole - Fairly boring, though the white fabrics really make it difficult to make out details. It's not bad, but there are just wayyyyyy too many men. They have a separate fashion week! Dresses 42 and 47 and 56 would be nice for work. Not really much for dreaming, but maybe that's not a criticism.

Perry Ellis - I've been watching the simple magic of Patrick Robinson for the last few seasons. Not only is he a seriously handsome man, but he makes such wearable, wantable things. Like early Marc by Marc Jacobs. Girlish colors, simple cuts, lots of frills and ribbons. Basically, exactly what you want to put on *every day*. And seriously, only 18 looks?! The definition of unpretention. Fucking IOC had 83 looks (British Vogue wisely edited it down)!!! Plus, he's managed to make the bolero seriously hip.

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