Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Milan Fashion Week - Day 1

Emporio Armani - 147 photos?! That would usually make me hate this, but the floaty looks that I've enjoyed this season are all here. Though this time with 70s disco sweatbands. and 70s interpretations of Great Gatsby are always good. Surprisingly not as boring as usual...he must have a younger designer designing.

Gibo - 's ok.

Marni - Love the colors and fabric. I really want to be the girl that layers like photo 6. Cute, very prada-esque but not as nerdy - more hitchcock. I'm so bananas for aqua, I cant stand it. And how jaw-droppingly beautiful is the designer??

Pollini-Rifat Ozbek - Rich hippy that just got home from 3 months in India. Lovely golds and blues.

Pucci - How could you not want all of these? Especially if you live in Florida and drive a jag...And especially photo 24 - I'm *dying* for it. So confident, so loud, so cool.

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