Thursday, September 23, 2004

London Fashion Week - Day 3 and 4

Alistair Carr - Ugly. But at least different.

Ashish - Interesting tights. Not such a fan of the prints, though photo 8 is strangely appealing. And the crazy ruffled and plaid skirts, I am totally interested. I dont really want any of the actual pieces, but this might be the most personally inspiring collection I've seen.

Boudicca - Ooooooh. The trousers in photo 1 are so sharp, you can cut yourself. The whole collection - lace, extraneous straps and fabric - is so fucking tough. Only the prettiest and coolest girl you know can pull these looks off. A not-so-pretty girl would look like she was trying too hard to not care about her looks. A pretty girl just looks 100x prettier. If I won the lottery, I'd buy all these for Ann Marie.

Eley Kishimoto - Decidedly un-pretty prints (yay!) and a few really great pieces (the chevron striped mini peacoats, the long cheerleader skirts) and some really dated looking pieces.

Gardem - A little too Ralph Rucci. Overly complicated blah.

Julien MacDonald - the pictures...where are the pictures??

Peter Jensen - In spite of the freaky ass figure skaters, I see some cute pieces. Charmingly dorky/8th grade prom/7th grade home-ec project. I love the polkadots and that wacky green polyester-looking fabric, oh and that gorgeous yellow babydoll.

Preen - 's ok. Another Ralph Rucci/Helmut Lang. Just bland.

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