Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New York Fashion Week - Day 4

Anna Sui - Oh you know how I hate cowboy hats. Partic Naomi Campbell in a cowboy hat. This collection has the Anna Sui mark, but it also still seems like a tired Ralph Lauren ad. Not a fan, but I'm very prejudiced towards such styles. I'd feel like a grandmother going to square dance practice in them. I'd wear photo 44 or 59 if you made me, though.

BCBG Max Azria - A tad too hippy for my tastes (I seriously feel like a designer is just phoning it in when a peasant blouse shows up). The sequins are nice (photo 12) and 42 is princess-perfect.

Donna Karan - Two very different people design for her labels, because how can I like DKNY so much and be so ambivalent towards Donna Karan? The dress is 35 is perfect...I really like the stiffness of the tulle.

J Mendel - Breezy, light as air dresses - so dreamy (photos 5,6,27). My favorite gathered short sleeves (photo 3). Oscar but with a lot of embellisment...sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Jill Stuart - The blues and lilacs are gorgeous. The confident girl who's a bit scary, wearing the cutest clothes imaginable (photos 10 (those shoes!),17,18,32).

Marc Jacobs - Crazy for obnoxious herringbone - a different take on the now-ubiquitous Chanel jacket tweed. Will love forever short-sleeved sweaters with full skirts, especially in over-sized gingham. This is the 50s dressing that I can actually pull off. So very much like the clothes my mom made me. Polka dot cardigans and sequined edged skirts are so what I want right now. It seems like it's been ages since I hungered for MJ. I love the colored petticoats peeking out from under the hems...I'm soooo hunting one down.

Menichetti - I'm usu very bitter towards designers showing for the first time, but I have to admit I really am impressed with this collection. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs cuteness and color with some Yohji-designed irregularities. The layering of a neckline (photo 1), the ruffle of a suit collar (photo 4), the bizarre but seriously cool buttoning of a jacket (photo 33). I would wear all of this every single day. Hmm, is this my favorite collection now? The only misstep is the Pam Anderson effect in photo 37 - the proportion is off and it's not flattering. I'm breathless for his upcoming Celine show.

Oscar de la Renta - I love this man. Even though he dresses Laura Bush (but he also dresses Theresa Heinz-Kerry). The resort we're going to in the Dominican Republic is in the same town as his resort. I dont think it's quite in our price range. He was born there, but is now solidly All-American. He defines American fashion in my opinion. Plus, he seems so nice and has an interesting life story (as does his wife, Annette. They say that the villian Goldfinger was based on her father - a gold baron. Crazy, eh?!). Finally, no boring-only-pretty! Crazy (and not at all tired) prints on perfectly executed and tasteful designs. This girl is the classiest girl in town (and maybe the sweetest), I wish so very bad to be this girl. His laces and dresses are a *dream*. Sigh. I have tears in my eyes.

United Bamboo - Breathy classics...dear god, is that overalls (photo 12)?? Girly, definitely not-ugly but no tears of wanting from me.

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