Tuesday, September 21, 2004

London Fashion Week - Day 1 and 2 (part 2)

Giles Deacon - First of all, LOOOOVE the hair. Espec Linda's (photo 1). In reading a description of this show, I'd say this is probably a show I'd hate. Instead, I love the Regal Beagle suits and dresses and platform shoes. The prints are crazy, the stripes so cooly different, and the pouf-sleeved jackets are so fucking awesome.

Jens Laugesen - Sharp, spacey suits and dresses. A little V The Final Battle. I dont think that's good.

Jessica Ogden - Caribbean cool. The colors and ruffles and the sexy without being too sexy style are maybe my new first choice for spring. I love the whole lack of pretension and simple love of fashion. Plus, I'm a fervent believer in ankle socks with high heels.

John Rocha - A little too tied up and layered for spring. It's making me hot.

Jonathan Saunders - Slinky fabrics. Geometric/mathematical patterns. Such a startling change from the rest of the runways. Very wearable, very cool. The geeky funny girl who, when you give her a second look, is always dressed better than you. And she beat you on the last pre-cal quiz.

Nicole Farhi - Wow. Perfect balance of the 50s Lady and modern stylings to keep this from looking like every other show this season. She's got the key looks: man-style pants, ruffles, florals, lady-like jackets, but instead of making it all sugary/girly/pastel-y/already-all-over-the-mall, she shot it all through a 60s spaghetti western and maybe threw in some Sophia Lauren too. The sexy but delicate tops with man-style trousers cut to capri length are my favorites.

Paul Smith - First off the runway has me desperate for spring. Looooooove *everything*...the actual clothes, the style, the prints, the kneesocks. And the models are the prettiest girls ever, right?? So english garden party. I think I'll add white and beige kneesocks to my wish list and maybe a pink pleated skirt.

Temperley - Pretty.

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