Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New York Fashion Week - Day 5

Calvin Klein - Classically simple Calvin. The teals and watery knits are so nice in the heat. So many people try for this minimalism, but it always comes across as lazy. This is perfectly executed and studied simplicity.

Marc - First of all, I covet the shoes. Second of all, I love the layers with extra bits of string and ribbons. However, I take great offense to what appears to be denim with elastic cuffs (photo 16).

Michael Kors - Ooooh, let's jetset to Greece in 1972. The blues, again, are just ocean gorgeous - particularly on that tiny fur (!) jacket. Everything he does just *screams* money and leisure.

Narciso Rodriguez - Loose and easy dressing with enough feminine fittings to keep you from looking like a potato sack. The little black dress with the aqua ribbon is the epitome of summer chic (photo 33).

Peter Som - Ruffly, floral-y, and fairly delightful. Photo 34 is just perfection.

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