Friday, September 24, 2004

London Fashion Week - Day 3 and 4 (part 2) and Day 5

Basso & Brook - The colors and prints and fabrics are so dreamy magical. Fashionable faeries, for sure. Asian detailing without the cliched brocade. Very deserving winners, I'd agree.

Betty Jackson - Ooooh love. The plaids and shapes are nice. And the models have such nice hair! So 70s working girl, but the cool girl who worked in a library, not the dorky secretary. So v cool.

Boyd - Polka dots, aprons, ribbons, full skirts, 60s prom dresses, was this collection made especially for me? A little precious, but the vintage and homemade feel make up for it. How short is the designer though, and how hideous her boots?!

Camilla Staerk - Nice runway. A little too pretensious and not too exciting.

David Cooper - Freaky and kind of ill-fitting.

Ebru Ercon - Nice lighting but rather bland. The whites are oh so crisp though.

Jasper Conran - You can only wear these clothes poolside in Palm Beach or while driving your '72 mercedes roadster. And each outfit can be brought up to a 10 with just the addition of some big JackieO shades. I'm dying for silver sequined trousers. I'm not sure I'll ever be happy without them.

Jenny Packham - Screaming Vegas, but in a good way. Except, perhaps, the graffitti trousers (jesus), rhinestone jeans (shudder), and cutoffs (eww).

Justin Oh - Kinda bland punk, a few really edgy pieces though.

Margaret Howell - Cute, classy work clothes. I'm really digging rolled up navy pants. I totally want everything here for my core wardrobe.

Rafael Lopez - Dramatic draping, slinky dresses, lovely colors. Interesting.

Robert Cary-Williams - Fleshy, flashy, Mad Maxian. I like it.

Rubecksen Yamanaka - Ho hum.

Scott Henshall - Gawdy Barbie wear. The show with the biggest breasts.

Sinhastanic - Blah.

Swash - Lovely prints but a little tent-like and retarded (see THE TWO PERSON T-SHIRT in photo 20 - I'm for serious).

Willow - Charmingly futuristic and fussy. Cool.

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