Tuesday, September 21, 2004

London Fashion Week - Day 1 and 2

Ben de Lisi - Sorbet colors and structured jackets arent my favorite, but flirty and heavily ornamented skirts are very pretty. I think London is going to be like NY - very pretty, very safe...not so original. It's like it almost doesnt matter where you buy your clothes, you'll still look good...this is not necessarily good. It's still the homogenizing of fashion, it's just less skin baring.

Bora Aksu - More sorbet, a tad more 70s, but still relatively safe. And maybe less pretty and way more ugly.

Clements Ribeiro - Gorgeous prints and colors and suits. Cool girl easy pieces.

Eley Kishimoto - Hmmm...the prints are nice, but the designs are a little too simple. Like, I'm not sure why there needed to be a runway. It's a little too FrostFrench or Built By Wendy - good clothes, just not Fashion Week.

Elspeth Gibson - Simple (maybe a little too), pretty...the evening is gorgeous though. Floaty and dreamy. Looove.

Emma Cook - Bland to ugly.

FrostFrench - A little too simple, but wearably sexy and cute. Not too safe and not too ladylike, which I appreciate.

Gharani Strok - Sexy, pretty, 70s. Ok.

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