Friday, October 01, 2004

Milan Fashion Week - Days 2-4

Alberta Ferretti - Slinky ladylike, lovely colors. A sort of heavy opulence that I'm undecided on. The shredded gowns are just gorgeous though (photos 41 and 43). If celebs (I mean their stylists) were smart, we'd see all of these on the red carpet.

Anna Molinari - Always the most beautiful blues. She makes clothes that seem like they're the wacky/trendy bits from any time period. Everything has a vintage feel, without seeming dated or tied to a specific time period. I'm not sold on the ruffles at hip level and poufs at thigh level for the average girl, but she just makes very Italian, very beautiful pieces. The lingerie pieces manage to look very elegant - never trashy or overtly sexual, even when see-through. Photos 8, 30, and 33 are my favorites.

Bottega Veneta - BV is real luxury. No showy labels or styles, just a look that screams Lush and Rich and Old Money. Hermes is a dream, but BV is what I would want every single day. Yes, I'm dreaming of handbags again. How cute are photos 21, 26, 27? So refreshing to just see pretty clothes without all the bindings of "ladylike".

Burberry Prorsum - Pastels, pretty clothes, nothing to criticize. All the perfectly pretty has realllllly gotten old. Floral print jackets are nice. Truly hideous lame dresses though in photos 18 and 19. Eww and skirts too. If I hadnt looked at the designer, I would guess this to be Donatella's Versus. Not a compliment.

D&G - 50s style Hawaii, but all sexed-up with some 60s style. Photo 6 is so sweet until you notice that all you're seeing is skin. Scandalous! I like that D&G is always a hodgepodge, like you'd never buy a full outfit. Just like, a blue-green sequined skirt (photo 9) or floral print short-shorts (photo 10). Where else would you find such a thing? How can you criticize this much fun?

DSquared - Sexy suits and jackets for a girl who doesnt work in an office. I think their jackets are seriously original and crave-worthy - the best thing theyve got. Beyond that, a little trashy. Though I looooooove short-shorts. Just maybe not on me.

Fendi - While I enjoyed the prints and colors and basic simplicity, there doesnt seem to be a definite image or style at Fendi...even though I know it's Karl Lagerfeld. It doesnt scream out Fendi the way Chanel does, and I'm not talking about logos. I do love photos 13, 35, 53. The crazy print pants are completely unwearable and there are wayyyy too many of them. You just now you'll see this on aging EuroTrash in 6 months and I'm not looking forward to it.

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