Friday, October 01, 2004

Milan Fashion Week - Days 2-4 (part 2)

ALESSANDRO DELL'ACQUA - Rich hippy, form-fitting suits, truly hideous pants (photo 18). Not too exciting.

ANTONIO BERARDI - Pretty, complicated suits and dresses that remind me of Alexander McQueen. Funny models-practicing hats. I'm crazy for all the jackets. *Crazy*

Dolce & Gabbana - The Dolce version of ladylike. The lady that is having an affair with her 18 year old son's best friend. The suit in photo 51 is like Sandy at the end of Grease, but ready for work. Everything is so wearable and workable but shyness is not allowed.

Etro - More rich hippie. This time not cute in addition to not exciting.

Gianfranco Ferre - A little too Claude Montana and a lot too bland. Even with the severity of the suits, I'm still bored. Even the "shocking" vulgarity of photo 28 (which is the definition of hideous) is a little yawn. Passing moments of YSL, but with none of the sophistication.

Giorgio Armani - 123 photos? Youve got to be kidding. I hate the hats. Some asian inspired dresses, some awful 80s bathing suits, blah blah blah. Some pretty sparkles at the end. I'm exhausted.

Gucci - Tom Fordian, in a good way. Autumn-like, in a confused way. The thick belts are quite interesting. Loved it. I think the new designer is quite on-track.

Jil Sander - Simply strange wallflowers. This girl also buys a lot of Prada. The intellectual Italian girl who shuns the sex-pots.

La Perla - Lots of lace, lots of black-white-nude. I picture Monica Bellucci, a serious, sensual, mysterious, slightly older woman. A little room for flirting, but, honey, she dont need to.

MaxMara - Ladylike mixed with African safari. I'm reading that the pants looked like diapers, but that's hard to see in the photos. I'm pretty against diaper-esque pants, though, I think.

Missoni - Prettiest prints, the slimmest cuts. Sexy Italian von Furstenberg. I'm dying for the sweater in photo 36.

Miu Miu - Funkiest jet-setter in 1963. Boxy suits and clingy dresses. Perfect couch prints, appliques, shiny coat dreses. Coooool.

Moschino - More funky 60s. A good extension of Miu Miu. Picnic prints here, though, and cotton lace petticoats. Photo 38 nnnhhh.

Moschino Cheap & Chic - Psycho Hawaii. I'll pass.

Prada - Such a style change...more tomboy teen than ladylike prim. The cool, confident girl who is nice to everyone but friends with no one. Effortlessly cool and pretty.

Roberto Cavalli - 88 pictures. Here, I'll take a wild guess: obnoxiously sexy Paris Hilton wear. Am I right?

Versace - The most toned-down Ive ever seen Versace. This looks more like Michael Kors than anything (a very big compliment...). The sexiest knee-length shorts ever produced, and dont worry, plenty o cleavage.

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