Thursday, July 07, 2005

Paris Couture Autumn-Winter 2005-2006

Oooooh, the best time of the year.
Christian Dior - Oh la la chiffon. Dramatic corsets and full skirts of see-through lace, gorgeous bustles of easter egg satins make full trains. I love the layering and draping and the suggestions of antiquity over very modern and sexy minis and moulded busts. Also what we're seeing is the progression of couture gown. The underpinnings, the tailor's pincushion, the wireframe (literally) ball skirts and each model made up as dress form.

Galliano makes every show a learning experience and just pure drama. Looooove. Oh goodness, photo 9, the illusion herringbone suit!

Oh, this is just so fantastical! Stripping away the solid fabric really makes the workmanship so evident. Adding color highlights the detailed beading and embroidery. The photos and the show report are making me cry at the thought of being able to witness this. The most amazing couture show I've attempted to imagine. Ooooh, from Peru, we're transported to old Hollywood - with old Supermodels. Man, Linda, Naomi, and Eva look beat *up*.

Luckily, we move quickly back to ballet, with still some Peruvian influencing in colors. Is there anything more dramatic or gorgeous than photo 38?

Or this??

Giorgio Armani - Such a different world from Dior, but I am again surprised at how much I'm digging Armani.

Maybe I'm becoming bland? The 40s-style trousers and hats and suits and is fur really so bad? ;-) Here it looks luxe, not obnoxious.

Valentino - Simple sophistication, simply pretty. And, again, is fur so bad?

I do have to say that's some terrible hair though.

Maybe a tad dull...for couture. Maybe.

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