Monday, July 11, 2005

Paris Couture Autumn-Winter 2005-2006 Day 3

Elie Saab - Starting the show with a bride? How daring! I've decided it is my new mission to make veils appropriate for not just weddings and funerals. Anyone with me? The standard figure-hugging dresses we are used to...not so different than RTW. After scouting laces for my own wedding dress and reading an article on couture lingerie, I am now schooled in the levels of lace. There is most certainly a price jump for couture laces, so I assume these are just more delicate or hand woven fabrics than usually used. While all very pretty and covetable, I still like more fantasy.

This dress would be perfect for Wonder Woman (or perhaps she's just on my mind, "in her satin tights")

Watch out for the few godawful ones though.

Imitation of Christ - Most certainly no business in couture and panties and bras are GOOD THINGS. No shame, I promise. I do like this dress though, but you cant tell anyone:

Jean Paul Gaultier -

A fur pleated skirt! Is there anything more unnecessary, but at the same time, is there anything cooler?!?! And with those tight black blazers. Ohhhh. Very Mongolia-Chic. Dramatic trench coats, furry tight boots (not even remotely MukLuk/Ugg, dont worry), leather belts. These are pieces you can imagine spending tens of thousands on because they are so strong and so wearable. They dont look tied to a trend, they are just pieces you would want to wear forever.

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