Friday, September 09, 2005

New York - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - Days a Few

Naum - While having the worst name I've ever heard (very close to NARM, which I know not from watching "Six Feet Under", but because it swept the internet a few weeks ago), it's not as bad as you might expect. I'm reading a lot of complaints of 'designers' seeming to only drape fabric on a mannequin and call it fashion, but I do think in a way that is the silhouette of the last season and - apparently - this. At the very least, it looks easy and comfortable.

Diane von Furstenberg - Classic pretty party girl. I like it, though I'm a little afraid we'll soon be seeing Paris fuckingHilton in all of these. With the same hair. The prints are fantastic, of course.

I forgot how much I love navy and fushia...

Alexandre Herchovitch - A little Anna Sui. A little ugly. I still like this dress though.

Costello Taliapietra - Halston-y, Calvin Klein-y...

Brian Reyes - Simple work clothes, mixed with the most horrid sheer blouses. Does a mom's vacation button-up really need to be in sheer black? With pockets over the boobs, of course?

Doo Ri - The barest, most simple at first look, but on the second the detail and excitement are clear. I'm not sure what kind of undergarments one could wear under such drapey fabric, though I'm pretty sure you shouldnt have any curves in them regardless.

Imitation of Christ - Now, I do think Scarlett Johannson is maybe the prettiest person ever, but I'm not loving her look here. It could be the clothing made by a talentless hack though. Do a quick double-take. Is that or is that not Anna Nicole Smith? Maybe in something Bobby Trendy styled? Ok, I'm being mean. That was a horrible image to put in your head. To be honest, it's not nearly as horrible as it usually is. Maybe because of the heavy denim flavor. I cant say no to denim. I'm Texan.

I just want to know how she manages to make shows that are spectacles, but look seriously un-fun. The florals are beyond bland. Blah.

Kenneth Cole - Breezy, work wearable. I'm slowly coming around to the idea of shorts as formal and business wear. I'm only half kidding. I'm still undecided on above-waist pants. No, actually, I think theyre awful. Unless, perhaps, you have a 39-inch inseam.

Lacoste - Marc's signature label. I'd loooove to get him this:

But, goddamn, those women's hats and kneepads are giving me seizures.

Luca Luca - Ooooooh. Ive found my favorite. Supposedly passe ladylike looks, but more in the vein of Lucy Ricardo. How can I say no?

Luella - My jaw is on the ground and I want to cry with wanting all of this so much. I want to be this:

Ridiculously cool, confident, irreverantly pirate. The hair, the sequins, the colors, the heels...

Nicole Miller - Thank god Nicolette Sheridan and baseball wives will always have a place to buy clothes. I do like this though:

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